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Invetation Mandapam Frosty Leaves Rain drops Autumn leaves Leaf in Horten Mosaic Leaf Bright leaves Geranium Leaves and Water
A candid photograph is a photograph that is captured without creating a posed appearance. This is achieved by avoiding prior preparation of the subject and by either surprising the subject or by not distracting the subject during the process of taking photos.Thus, the candid character of a photo is regardless of the subject's knowledge or consent as to the fact that photos are being taken,and regardless of the subject's permission for subsequent usage such as distribution, but related to the apparent absence of posing.It is distinguished from making secret photography by the photographer usually remaining discernible to the public and not wearing cover.   Wedding photography is the photography of activities relating to weddings. It encompasses photographs of the couple before marriage(for announcements, portrait displays, or thank you cards) as well as coverage of the wedding and reception (sometimes referred to as the wedding breakfast in non-US countries). It is a major commercial endeavor that supports the bulk of the efforts for many photography studios or independent photographers.   A birthday is a day that comes once a year when a person celebrates the anniversary of his or her birth. Birthdays are celebrated in numerous cultures, often with a gift, party, or rite of passage. The celebration of a birthday usually is thought to mark how old a person is, traditionally stopping when death occurs and only stating that if still alive, they would have been (number of years) old. Some contemporary writers ignore this aspect, however, and keep counting the years since the date of birth of famous people, such as proclaiming that it is Shakespeare's "four hundredth birthday" (although he died at the age of fifty-two) instead of noting that it is the four hundredth anniversary of his birth

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